in the war-torn region of northern Uganda, there are many Congolese refugees, child soldiers, and girls forced into prostitution, brothels, and the sex industry due to proverty and lack of options.  Imani seeks to free women from the global sex trade and alleviate proverty through healing, empowerment, and fashion design.

In partnership with these women, we create jewelry that is made from indigenous materials.  All this jewelry is hand-crafted and the women receive fair trade wages, which empower them to provide for their families and educate their children.

Imani also offers trauma counseling, savings and business classes, and English classes to all the women we employ in an effort to see them reach their potential.  We believe each of these women is worth of receiving love and knowing that she is valuable.  Each piece of jewelry you buy keeps her free!

*Imani is a fair trade business underneath the ministry Zion Project.

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