• Sari Covered Journal with Pencil
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If you like to journal, then this Sari Covered notebook is perfect for you. Not only is it covered beautifully with sari material, but each journal is conveniently accompanied by a free pencil, so that you may get to writing right away! Unique and handmade, you can't go wrong with this one-of-a-kind journal. Purchasing the Sari Covered Journal also supports Love Calcutta Arts, which was born out of a desire to bring freedom to young girls who would otherwise be at risk of abuse. These girls are hired and carefully trained so that quality cards and journals are produced, and all profit goes back into the business, in order to provide a chance and a choice to more women.

80 Page Handmade Paper Sari Journal
8" x 6"  -  with pencil tied into edge

Sari Covered Journal with Pencil

  • $22.00